Assessing The Environmental Impacts

This is a harsh reality. There are still far too many areas in the world where environmental impact assessments are not being done. Fortunately, however, headway has been made elsewhere. For instance, the environmental site assessment wilmington nc exercise may have been mandatorily initiated. If not that, the business or property owner may have been well informed of his responsibilities, so much so that he will be in touch with an environmental site assessor on a voluntary basis.

You could just say that in acting out of initiative or a prescribed mandate, the business or property owner will be volunteering information. That much is needed prior to any environmental site assessment being conducted. Or perhaps it will be the case that not much information is required by the assessor. His expertise may allow for the fact that upon the client’s brief explanation, over the phone or by email, he pretty much gets the picture if you will. Whilst the environmental site assessor is capable of preparing a roadmap for the work that needs to be done, he cannot act.

If you will, he does have to wait for the green light to be given by the property developer or the relevant local authority. Once that much has been cleared, he can then proceed with detailed onsite preparations. The extent of his work will always be influenced by the client’s project scale. What is the cause that leads to this environmental impact or site assessment? And what could be the possible or probable effects in the event that the business or property owner has not acted responsibly or per the laid down laws and regulations?

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That, of course, should always be left for the commercial, industrial or environmental risk manager to decide.