Dynamometer Used For Force Measurements?

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According to their notes, a dynamometer is indeed used for measuring force – the moment of force, also known as torque, and/or power. You’ll read references being made to a dyno. It is just for short, nothing more than that. Power produced by an engine, a motor, or any other rotating primary mover, can be measured by measuring rotational speed and torque at the same time.

The dyno is also used to gauge the torque and power that will be required to operate a machine. In the case of a pump, a driving or motoring dynamometer will be used. This device, designed to be driven, is known too as an absorption or passive dynamometer. But the dyno that can both drive and absorb is known as a universal or active dynamometer.

Needless to say, there will be numerous applications being made. But indeed, the power characteristics of a machine being tested still needs to be determined. Standard emissions testing cycles, as laid down by the US EPA, will be using dynamometers to provide simulated road loading of an engine or a full powertrain. Beyond making basic measurements, the dyno can be used as a testing tool in a variety of engine development activities.

Examples will include the calibration of engine management controllers, investigations into combustion behavior, as well as something known as tribology. Within the dyno, water flow is creating resistance to an engine. The flow is controlled and is directed at the center of a rotor within each absorbed section.

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